Makeup Inspo? Our Favourite Beauty Influencers in 2021

Feel like you’ve just been going through the motions with your makeup routine lately? Get some fresh new ideas from our current favourite makeup influencers. Bring on the glow!

Makeup is artistry, but when we apply the same old products, day in, day out, it can feel more like a chore than creative expression. Plus, after using the same products for a long time, we stop seeing the benefits of them, and our looks feel dull and repetitive.

It’s time to get out of your makeup rut with makeup inspo from this season’s must-follow makeup influencers. Reignite your passion for getting ready in the morning with a few tips and tricks from these cosmetics powerhouses.


Makeup influencers you need to follow

Sam & Nic

@samchampman and @nicolachapman

Also known as the Pixiwoo Sisters, Sam and Nic Chapman are OGs in the makeup influencer game, entering the embryonic beauty guru scene on YouTube back when ‘influencing’ was just a rumour. Cosmetic chameleons, the sisters have a diverse portfolio of looks, but it’s fair to say that Sam favours bolder lips and eyes where Nic boasts girly, wearable looks.

Having launched Mac lipsticks, collaborated with countless luxury brands and founded the highly popular makeup brush brand, Real Techniques, the two sisters announced that they’d be stepping away from influencing as a career back last Christmas, but continue to share divine makeup looks.


Our favourite Sam look:

Our favourite Nic look:


Joseph Tiernan

Bouncing onto the MUA scene fresh faced and bursting with incredible ideas, Joseph Tiernan is anything but subtle. These looks aren’t necessarily everyday-friendly, but are high-impact, bold and brimming with colour - exactly what you want for a big night out or statement look.

Joseph is an artist in South Wales, so if you’re local to the area, take the opportunity to get dolled up with a fabulous night out look from Joseph.

Joseph’s Huda Beauty delight:


Sophie Floyd


Sophie is a breath of fresh air, invigorating the beauty Youtuber community with Y2k/genZ vibes. Self-categorised as a beauty and style content creator, Sophie offers an infectious sense of calm and carefree. You’ll feel like you’re getting makeup lessons off your home girl.

Being a professional tattooist, Sophie’s artistry is no joke. She’s queen of the pop of colour and bold liner, offering up wearable looks that are polished and sometimes minimal, with a fun twist.

Pastel pink lids from Sophie Floyd:


Megan Goodchild


Megan is queen of the reel! Having made a name for herself as the ‘Face Boss’, Megan launched her own MUA shop alongside serving us all looks on Instagram and TikTok. Megan’s artistry has always centred around full-face, glam looks, but that doesn’t mean she’s a one trick pony. Her versatility in this niche shines through her hilarious and sassy AF reels.

Classic Megan Goodchild glam:


Stacy Wodu


Brushes at the ready, Stacy Wodu is a wonderful advocate of bold colour combinations and expert application. Having worked in a variety of industries as a makeup artist, Stacy explains how she started her channel out of a passion for beauty makeup, especially for black women. Inspired by an Issa Rae speech on an absence of variety in the comedy industry, Stacy took the plunge to create her own YouTube channel after feeling the same way about available beauty content.

Stacy’s tutorials are long, but lovable - definitely ones to sit down and watch with a cup of tea and biscuits. Having livestreamed every Sunday morning for years, Stacy has built up a bank of super helpful step-by-step tutorials that can be found in her Instagram highlights.

Glossy bold lip from Ace Face Beauty:


Katie Jane Hughes


Celebrity makeup artist, Katie Jane Hughes is no novice in the Instagram game. Having recently launched a stunning makeup brush collaboration with Spectrum Collections, Katie’s popularity has surged with a fresh new audience online. Her client list is a boast-worthy list, packed full of high-end and everyday brands such as Glossier, Alice Temperley, Bloomingdales and GHD.

Her looks are versatile, but a glowing base is the backbone of her artistry, and she’s not nervous of a glossy eye, either. She’s known for her sultry, pouty looks that can be worn every day, or on those extra special occasions.

A pink and red number from Katie Jane Hughes:

Who are your favourite beauty influencers? Comment below.